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CSA Membership

How It Works

Each week during the growing season (late May through early November) you visit the farm and pick up a share of the farm's seasonal harvest. Unlike many other CSA's who dictate what you will receive in your share we offer choices. For example there might be twenty to thirty different produce items available. These are set out as units. A unit is a volume of a particular produce item (i.e.: 6 sweet peppers is one unit, 4 lbs. of tomatoes is one unit, 8 cucumbers is one unit, etc.). You will be allowed to choose 9 to 12 units (as a Full Share; or 1/2 of this for a Half Share) depending on the time of the season's harvest. All produce is available for discount purchase in addition to the CSA share.

Types of Memberships

Farm Card Membership

Price: $100 Initial Membership Fee, plus $100 Payment Increments (please see below)
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As a Farm Card Member, you will be required to purchase your vegetables, fruits and grocery items throughout the season 'a la carte (individually) using our new check out system with a pre-paid card. Although you will be paying as you go, you will still get the pick your own flowers, 2nd s vegetables for canning and freezing, pick your own herbs and an invite to our spring meet and greet/ picnic.

This payment is applied to your Farm card electronically allowing you to purchase vegetables, fruits & grocery items weekly at the CSA distribution. [Take note, whenever you place an installment ($100) on your card we take $20 of your membership fee and add that to the card. This gives you $120 to shop with and reduces your membership costs. The more you shop the lower your membership cost is until it is all gone.]

You will receive your card in the mail or choose to pick it up at the farm. You come to the farm on the designated CSA distribution days and hours. You shop for whatever vegetables, fruits and grocery items you want then proceed to check out. Once your items are tallied up, your receipt will show the account information on it so you know where you stand and when you will need to place another installment. Note that installments must be used up by the end of the season or the money will be forfeited to the farm.

Full Share Annual Membership

Cost: $1,000 annually *
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This entitles you to the full range of benefits. Patrons who sign up early with a 50% deposit will receive a Thansgiving week share (hardy fall & winter produce) along with one additional/extra produce item of your choice per week for the entire 2018 season. Benefits include:

  • Weekly shares of vegetables and fruits.
  • Flower cutting (one acre is planted solely with flowers, just for your enjoyment!) to be cut any time.
  • Free extra vegetable and fruit grade #2 for canning and freezing.
  • Weekly newsletter with recipes.
  • Come out and enjoy the farm any time you want.

Half Share Annual Membership

Cost: $550 annually *
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This includes everything above except you pick half of the produce available to the full patron. To get the Thanksgiving share and the extra produce items weekly for the 2018 season, you must pay in full by the deadline date.

Deposit Discount and Thanksgiving Share

A 50% deposit before 11/15/2017 will give you the benefits of the Thanksgiving Share on Tuesday, 11/22/17, and the additional produce items for all of the 2018 season, as well the reassurance of securing your membership for the 2018 growing season. Your balance will be due by 3/31/2018.

For Farm Card Members, in order to receive the Thanksgiving Share, you will need to purchase your membership and put $100 on the card for a half portion of the Thanksgiving Share, or $200 on the card for a full portion of the Thanksgiving Share.

Sign-up Deadline and Other Particulars

Keep in mind that early payment helps us to better plan and prepare the season. It is a big benefit for the farm and also for you. We (Taliaferro Family) can't stress how important it is to sign up and pay early.

There is no sign-up deadline, but because we loose the ability to buy supplies via early discounts once January begins, we need to alter our plans to add members. To compensate for this will be adding $10 (for full patrons and $5 for partial) per month as of 12/31/15 to the membership fees for those signing up after this date.

* There is no splitting of shares of any kind allowed. *

Share distribution will begin in early June. The spring weather will be the determining factor. Share distribution will end at or in November. Shares can be picked up at the farm on Thursdays 9am to 7pm, Fridays 9am to 6pm and Saturdays 9am to 3pm. The farm reserves the right to change the pick-up hours as the season changes.

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