Taliaferro Farms CSA

Farm Card Membership

New Way To Support The Farm A Little At A Time

Price: $100 Initial Membership Fee, plus $100 Payment Increments (please see below)
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As a Farm Card Member, you will be required to purchase your vegetables, fruits and grocery items throughout the season 'a la carte (individually) using our new check out system with a pre-paid card. Although you will be paying as you go, you will still get the pick your own flowers, 2nd s vegetables for canning and freezing, pick your own herbs and an invite to our spring meet and greet/ picnic.

This payment is applied to your Farm card electronically allowing you to purchase vegetables, fruits & grocery items weekly at the CSA distribution. [Take note, whenever you place an installment ($100) on your card we take $20 of your membership fee and add that to the card. This gives you $120 to shop with and reduces your membership costs. The more you shop the lower your membership cost is until it is all gone.]

You will receive your card in the mail or choose to pick it up at the farm. You come to the farm on the designated CSA distribution days and hours. You shop for whatever vegetables, fruits and grocery items you want then proceed to check out. Once your items are tallied up, your receipt will show the account information on it so you know where you stand and when you will need to place another installment. Note that installments must be used up by the end of the season or the money will be forfeited to the farm.